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About Listing’s Presentation at Smågrodorna 🐸
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Hello! This listing is created to explain how I work in the presentation of my listings. Since I have been done quite a journey here as a seller. I have improved the way that I describe and present my listing. I have also developed a good eye matching clothing, that for many reasons have in my hands. I am constantly seeing items together that have something in common, for example when searching items that need to be shipped, then I come across certain items and I have the motivation to photograph them. I love doing this, but most of all, I love showing you something nice for your eyes. I really expect that you enjoy browsing on my shop. I am also notice in a few times that some people get confused about what I am really selling. Because I love hear from you, I started to be more clear about the item that’s for sale. First, In listing where I did a lay flat you will recognize the item on sale In the title of the description, it will be in UPPER CASE LETTER, See picture 2 Secondly. I am also, and it has been always being like that, I am writing very clear about what’s on sale, I always include several pictures about the item, close up ones to check how the fabric looks like, label for sizing and composition. I also describe about the color and material, pattern or giving You enough clues to guide you exactly to the item that’s on sale. Then I use to add hashtag #️⃣ to invite you to continue enjoying the browsing inside of my shop or directly to the rest of the Kidizen community that has been tagged their items as I usually do on my listings. See picture 3 IN PROGRESS.... Learn more go #smaSHOPINDEX Claudia Smagrodorna 🐸
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