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9 Ounce Candle Lot. Frankenstein, Dracula, And The Mummy. Home Decor. Movies. Books.

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Homemade 9 Ounce The Mummy, Dracula and Frankenstein’s Monster Horror Candles! Have any room smell like the once great king of Egypt! The Egyptians were known for their perfume and aromas and this candle is no different. The throw smell is amazing! The smell of fresh linen will linger through the house when the candle is lit. Handmade 9 ounce (filled a little over 4 ounces) candle of Frankenstein’s Monster. Great scent of Blackberry Amber, reminiscent of a mossy English forest where you just might catch a glimpse of Frankenstein’s Monster through the morning fog creeping over the ground! 9 ounce Dracula candle. Very alluring smell of Roses And Wine. Great for a romantic evening. Have a seductive night with the Vampire king! If you love classic movies and books, or a fan of monsters, Halloween, or horror, this is the candle for you! Made from parasoy (paraffin and soy mix). #Fall #Winter #Scent #HomeDecor #Fragrance #Smell #Spooky #Movies #TV #Cute #Thanksgiving #Decor #LivingRoom #Bedroom #Bathroom #Kitchen

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