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One Size
all genders
Diaper Bags & Carriers
3 Sets- Drool & Teething Pads8
$12.00 | + $5.15 shipping
One Size
All genders
Play condition
The Ergo set has fabric content tags. Look unused. I do not believe I used them and I bought them new, only washed and stored. Protect your carrier from dribble and drool while giving baby a safe and soft place to chew. Attaches to any Ergobaby carrier Keeps carrier dry & clean Double layered cotton for extra absorbency machine washable, 100 percent premium Cotton, Reversible. The no brand white pads are thick and have untreated stains. I'm certain if they were washed and set out to dry in the sun (possibly with vinegar in the rinse cycle too wouldn't hurt),the stains would come out. My children were exclusively breastfed, although I possibly purchased this second hand. The bebear brand set I purchased off Amazon. Lite Staining. Single Dog friendly home 🐾 non-smoking 🚭. Thanks for shopping! If you're on Facebook Marketplace shopping this post and/OR you are new to Kidzen, get $5 off your first purchase. Use code: bes3s Have a great day! Thanks! From, Kids In This House
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