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Kid Clothing
2T I’m The Boss Shirt
$7.99 | FREE shipping
All genders
Good used condition
Size 2T but runs small. More like 12-18 months in my opinion. Color: black says: “im the boss” Not really any flaws but since I’m not the first one to own this and two of my kids wore it I feel like to be on the safe side I labeled it good used condition. There’s some cracking on the letters but it was like that when I got it and it actually looks like that’s part of the look of the shirt. Such a cute T-shirt I purchased used from another shop here some years ago and two of my babies wore it. I’m happy to pass it along to another baby to enjoy 😢😁 That’s the true beauty of shopping and selling here we get to enjoy and pass along certain pieces over and over again. Okay enough sappy for today 🤪
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